Patient’s Rights

1. Dignity and Respect

YOU WILL BE GIVEN appropriate and professional care regardless of your age, gender, race, religion, nationality, social status, or if you have any special needs. You will be treated with compassion, dignity and respect. Your legal guardian or any legally authorized person will exercise your rights according to the extent of the law should you be unable to do so.

2. Receive Information and Explanation about Your Treatment

YOU ARE ENTITLED TO information about your medical condition, treatment and possible results in a language that you understand (where possible). This includes information about possible risks, side eects and alternative methods of treatment. You have the right to refuse medical care or recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law. However, if you choose not to undergo treatment, or leave the hospital against the doctor’s advice, you have to accept responsibility for any medical consequences resulting from your decision. You will be briefed on the possible medical consequences.

3. Confidentiality and Privacy

YOU CAN EXPECT that all communication and medical records about your care are condential, unless disclosure is permitted by law. Your medical records are accessed only by those involved in treating you and arranging for your care. These records will not be released to anyone without your consent, except when required by the law or a third-party payer contract. You may request for a copy of your medical report in accordance to the hospital’s policy.

4. Complaints and Appeals

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to a fair and objective review of complaint you have during hospitalization, operation, procedures, treatment or interaction with healthcare personnel. In the case of disputes unable to be settled, both parties will have to abide by the arbitration of the ‘Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency’, which has been established in Article 43 of the Korean Medical Dispute Mediation law.

5. Receive Medical Services in Safe Medical Environment

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to receive medical services from a medical institution where patient's medical information is protected and patient safety is maintained.

Patient's Responsibilities

1. Respect and Consideration

YOU ARE EXPECTED to act in a considerate manner of other patients in the hospital who also require rest and the attention of our sta; please consider the rights of others, and show respect and courtesy to all hospital stas, doctors and nurses, and visitors

2. Provision of Information

YOU SHOULD provide accurate and complete information about your present and pre-existing medical condition and any infectious conditions you may have, including past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, Advance Medical Directives (AMD), and other relevant details in order for you to receive appropriate and safe medical care.