IVF and embryo transfer

A mature egg is sampled and combined with sperm in glass, and it is planted in woman's uterus, establishing a successful pregnancy.

Hospital Visit Women: Blood test, uterus ultrasonography, hysterosalpingography
Men: Sperm test
2nd day of period Ovarian hyperstimulation for ovulation (by oral medicine or injection)
12 ~ 14 days of period Sampling mature egg and healthy sperm
Fertilization of an egg and sperm outside body, and grow the embryo
Cryopreserve the embryo on 3rd to 6th day
Rest for 2 to 3 months
Visit 2nd day of period Making uterus environment for successful pregnancy (by oral medicine or injection)
15 to 20 days of period Implant thawed embryo in uterus
7 to 12 days of implantation Pregnancy test (blood test)


* Each cost is an average approximation, and admission cost is based on 4-person room.
* Based on currency exchange $1 = 1,200 KRW
* Actual cost and length of stay can vary depending on each patient's condition.