Welcome Everyone!

I am Woo-Kyung Kim, the vice president of Gachon University Gil Medical Center.

From the founding of Incheon Gil Hospital in 1978 to the creation of the Cancer Center in 2011, our legacy of caring and compassion is unmatched. Gil Medical Center (GMC) has more than 1300 licensed beds and is currently ranked at 5th in the nation in terms of its capacity. A reputation for excellence draws patients to world-class specialized treatment centers of GMC.

From our motto of "BIG GIL", G stands for Global medical center, which is an on-going pursuit of us. This is strengthened by the fact that GMC is conveniently located near Incheon International Airport and Songdo International City within 30 minutes of driving.

The International Healthcare Center opened in October 2008 in order to respond to the needs of patients with various nationalities. Throughout the past years, we came to establish one-stop service to serve overseas patients from online consultation to safe return home after receiving necessary treatments. Our services focus not only on therapeutic intervention but also addressing patients' emotional needs and comfort. Both general and specialist physicians are available for consultations, and bilingual medical staffs, coordinators, and administrative clerks will be on-site to assist you. Available languages are English, Chinese, Russian and Mongolian, and we are looking forward to having Japanese and Vietnamese coordinators in the near future.

With our expanded role and capability, you won’t be disappointed after experiencing GUGMC. I promise to continue to endeavor for optimum quality of patient-centered care and development.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours

Woo-Kyung Kim M.D., Ph.D
Vice President of Medical and Domestic Affairs Section
Vice president of Neuroscience Research Institute
Professor and Chairman of Neurosurgery